At Latif we believe the best way to assure that everything is made properly, is by doing it yourself. This is why we, besides the obvious welding and weaving, have also in-sourced the wicker extrusion, powder coating, box production and cushion making. All of the latter take place in our combined fifteen-thousand square meters of production facilities. In the near future we will also add teak wood components and aluminium extrusion to our in-house activities.

Wicker Extrusion for Latif Garden Furniture

Wicker Extrusion

In the past we purchased our wicker ready made from various high-quality brands. Unfortunately given that extruding wicker is a rather complicated process, even these could not assure us the necessary color stability and strength that was demanded by our customer. The latter is the reason that we decided to set up 5 extrusion lines and produce it in-house. We currently operate using only high-quality virgin HDPE and LDPE. Finally we also work closely with Clariant to assure that our colors are always perfectly stable.

Welding for Latif Outdoor Wicker Furniture


All the frames used in our products are made by our own welders. Currently we have thirty welders in employment that together are responsible for cutting, welding, checking, revising and washing the frames, in order to assure an always perfect and coherent frame. Currently our welding department has a capacity of over a hundred frames per day.

Frame Powdercoat for Latif Wicker Furniture


The amount of transport needed to move our frames back and forth to an external powder-coating facility would be far to high. Besides the latter it would have sever logistical and environmental implications. Therefore, we set up our own powder coating facility. Besides the current standard colors we can virtually supply any color that is available.

Chair Weaving Pt. Latif Industries International


Weaving properly is perhaps one of the most crucial elements of influence to the quality of our furniture. Our two-hundred weavers are trained not only to weave fast, yet more importantly to do so with perfection. Where some minor mistakes are still made our team of quality controllers makes sure that not a single item makes it out of our factory with any imperfections.

Outdoor Cushion Production Latif Furniture

Cushions and Covers

In order for our chairs to have pillows and covers that always fit we have a sewing line to assure products that perfectly match our furniture. Although we prefer to work with the best materials on the market, such as Sunbrella and Quickdry foam, other options are of course available upon customer request.

Packaging for Latif Wicker Garden Furniture


As it is a relatively easy proces we also produce our own cardboard boxes. The latter makes the price of packaging more attractive. Besides the box itself we also customize the writing according to customer preferences