Latif, or officially PT. Latif Industries International is based in Kediri, East Java. Here we produce high-end wicker patio furniture. We believe that the best way to guarantee a high quality product is achieved by making everything under one roof. For this reason Latif currently has roughly fifteen-thousand square meters of land upon which our facilities stand. Another five-thousand square meter is soon to be added to build an additional factory. Within our company we extrude our own wicker, make our own frames, do our own powder-coat, weave our furniture, make our own packaging, sew our own cushions and covers and finally have an in-house product development team.


  • Weavers
  • Welders
  • Office Staff
  • Various
  • Management
  • Quality Check
  • Wicker Extrusion
  • 3D Product Development
  • Packaging


The company originally started in Semarang as PT. Globalindo Furniture in 2005. Here we specialized in the production of several types of teak furniture among which teak veneer. Starting from 2008 we also began to make wicker furniture. Overtime the latter became more and more important after which we switched completely to wicker in 2010, followed by our move from Semarang to Kediri. Over the years we have grown out to be one of the most advanced and professional wicker furniture manufacturers in Indonesia. The start of our own wicker extrusion in 2014 complemented this perfectly. On current day we have a capacity of a hundred furniture pieces a day, which roughly ends up to one 40ft High Cube container.

Future Goals

Currently our ambition is to expand our horizon and target not only the United States market. Therefore we are looking into expanding into both Europe, Australia and the domestic project market. Besides the change in our target market we are also busy expanding our technical capabilities, in order to produce a larger range of products. This year we are adding exposed aluminium, teak components and several other attributes to our product lines. Although we do have an in-house development department we are always open to working with new partners in order to co-develop new products. To read more about our in house activities please follow the below link.